LKR Music


Music When You Need It!

LKR Music is the place to come when you need a piece of music orchestrating to your specific requirements.


We can supply puiblic domain music for your group very quickly. If the music you require is still in copyright then you will need to get the relevant permission.


Not only can we provide you with the music you need it can be tailored to each of your musicians. Frequently I had to re write some music as "Jack" was not as good a clarinet player as "Joe" was. In the end I found it quicker and more productive in the rehearsal room to tailor each arrangement to each player.Less time working on each section, more time for the whole ensemble!


Scores can be sent to you electranically via PDF. All files are created using Sibelius 7 and will be formatted for the best layout etc before they are sent to you.


My charges are very resonable. Although there are many factors basically it works out as £35 ph of working time. Usually it takes about 1 hour to orchestrate 1 playing minute of music.


Please feel free to contact me at ceo@lkrmusic.org for details.